By Dr. Wayne McCarthy N.D
Naturopathic Physician

As you read this article and realize it is speaking directly to you, you may wish to
investigate the “Ozone Effect” for yourself.
As you will find, ozone is so much more than just a thin layer of gas protecting our
world from the harmful effects of certain ultraviolet rays.
Know that ozone has been used to treat humans for 100 years, beginning in 1915
on the battlefields of Europe where the Germans first employed it and saved 50%
of the legs they would have otherwise had to amputate. By directly injecting ozone
gas directly into the femoral artery, this method was proved effective for gas
gangrene – an otherwise usually fatal condition at that time.
One main action of ozone therapy is to counter the effects and remove the cause of
“Anaerobic” infections (Note: Most harmful disease-causing bacteria are
“anaerobic”). Since ozonation of blood saturates the tissues with oxygen, anaerobic
bacteria can no longer sustain their metabolic requirements as now “they” are in a
hostile environment to” them”. Your healthy cells and tissues however, thrive in a
richly oxygenated environment ( so long as your “anti-oxidant” capacity is
maintained at a higher level, which ozones’ other activities assures by the way).
Ozone therapy upregulates your “anti-oxidant” capacity thereby removing free
radical damage.
Ozone rapidly reduces “inflammation” in any organ (especially kidney and brain)
through its contribution of electrons. As inflamed tissue, by definition, has been
stripped of electrons (free radical damage) the massive inflow of electrons from
ozone instantly quenches this deficiency and helps to re-establish normal
physiological function. Most, if not all chronic disease states have an underlying low-level inflammatory cause. Hypoxia (low tissue oxygen levels) is generally also
present. Why does ozone therapy rectify both these causative factors and why is it
so joyfully received? Simply put, ozone increases the concentration levels of an
enzyme ( 2,3,-Diphosphoglycerate) on the red blood cells (hemoglobin) that
weakens the attractive force binding oxygen. Your blood will still pick up oxygen as
it flows through the lungs but it now has an increased ability to deliver oxygen to
your cells. This creates full saturation and overcomes hypoxia in a most remarkable
fashion. Could this explain why so many people with poor circulation to the
extremities such as cold hands and feet find a remedy here?
As the brain receives more oxygen could this improve cognitive function and
memory especially in older people? Would oxygenation feed electrons into the
mitochondria leading to an increase in ATP production thus powering up the

chronic fatigue state into an elevated state of well-being? Everyone has to answer
these questions through their own experience.
Infections (bacterial, viral, pleiomorphic forms ) often underlay human health
issues. Very often these have not been diagnosed. Sometimes they are not even
suspected. Ozone therapy produces powerful and immediate antibiosis. It directly
“attacks” bacterial membranes/viral capsids (skins) by collapsing their double
bonds through an “oxidative burst” of electrons. This leads to cell death for the
pathogens because they have no antioxidant protection. Healthy cells on the other
hand, thrive on the extra electrons and oxygen because they are well protected by
antioxidant enzymes ( such as superoxide dismutase, catalase, vit c). For this
reason alone abundant health may be realized for some people.
Oxygen is used (needed, required) in EVERY step of every chemical reaction (your
biochemistry) in your body. Our bodies are composed of 56% oxygen. Oxygen is
the most vital nutrient for optimal health. The “toxification” of the “respiratory
enzymes” decreases our body’s oxygen content. This negatively impacts our
physical health and vitality.
This may explain why your medicines, herbal remedies, nutritional supplements,
and even diet might not seem to be working for you. It may be because your body can
not oxidize them to use them. Therefore they too burden you and add to your toxic
load. Sometimes even the best, most correct, most appropriate medicines appear
not to work. With adequate oxygen, however, your physiology can now use all
beneficial substances effectively for healing damaged physiological or biochemical
processes. Another way of saying this is: ” Ozone blows the cobwebs out of the
bio-oxidative pathways”.
Bio-oxidation (oxidation-reduction) could arguably be the most vital process
underlying human physiological function. We are electrical beings after all. Our
cells are small batteries (-75mV on the inside). It is known that in states of ill-health
our cellular voltage can drop considerably as can our oxygen levels.
Is oxygen, via ozone, the wind that fans the fire of the vital force?
Ozonetherapy enhances the effects of most other therapies. It does this primarily
through providing the oxygen/electrons for the cellular function to work properly. Now
you have the electromagnetic ability to attract and absorb nutrients and expel and
excrete waste material.
Do you have sore knees? Why do they ache so much? Why doesn’t the cartilage
regenerate? The knee has a dual blood supply so why isn’t it getting enough blood,
oxygen and nutrients to repair itself? Why does ozone offer so much help with
these types of conditions? Could it be because ozone saturates the blood serum
with an available form of oxygen such that even if red cells can’t get to the problem
serum can? Delivering oxygen begins the regenerative process, the blood vessels
dilate bringing more blood and nutrients in. Healing can begin at last. It can sustain
itself thereafter through homeostasis thus promoting long-term improvement. Why
don’t you try googling , “ozone knee problem” and have a good read.

As always, ozonetherapy is rarely utilized as a stand-alone therapy but is
incorporated synergistically with other natural therapies or even drug treatments.
For example, the effect of aspirin is enhanced 100 times and chemotherapy 10
times when used conjointly with ozone. Clinical experience in Germany supports
these findings. Why wouldn’t it? Pain is at least in part caused by hypoxia which
followed inflammation which followed injury and cytokine release. The converse
may also be true. Reverse the hypoxia which quenches inflammation which
reduces pain whilst the whole process accelerates true healing. What other reason
could there be to explain why ozone reduces or eliminates pain so rapidly when
applied to muscles or joints?
Let’s talk about immune resilience since your and mine immune systems are
responsible ultimately, for our experienced level of health. Why is ozonetherapy so
effective against immune deficiency disorders such as HIV,CMV,GENITAL
HERPES, CANDIDA and so on? It may clear these directly from the blood but also
improves immune resiliency through a vaccine-like effect. The minor auto
hemotherapy re-injects a small amount of ozone-treated blood into muscle tissue.
This portion of blood contains killed microbes and acts as an auto-vaccine made
from your own blood that is specific to you. It contains no adjuvants. Difficult-to-treat
or antibiotic-resistant organisms may still be treated effectively by this method, as a
long history of use reveals to us. Why not google: “ozone herpes” or other infection
and enjoy another good read?
Ozonetherapy is in the same family as other bio-oxidative therapies such as
hyperbaric oxygen and hydrogen peroxide. The reason we like ozone therapy is
because it is cheaper to both produce and administer and it is so much more
versatile and readily available.
It may interest you to know that vitamin c therapy is similar to ozone in that they
both ultimately deliver oxygen to cells. These two treatments are often employed
together but on different days. I believe many natural therapies can achieve this but
the effect is definitely speeded up by ozone. In my studies of Traditional Chinese
Medicine I can not help but associate the concept of Ch’i with oxygen (if not
totally at least in large part) as conceptually and in practice the two appear closely
In summation, why is ozone therapy so important and relevant in todays world?
The inescapable answer, that nobody can deny, is that our planet’s biosphere is
polluted, our forests and jungles are being cut down and the oceans are suffering.
This means less oxygen for us to thrive in. Whilst ozonetherapy can and does
saturate the body with oxygen and relieve suffering in the short and medium term,
our long-term survival depends on the brothers and sisters uniting to live
sustainably to restore the fertility of our soil, water, and air and ultimately for us
ourselves to reach our full potential as human beings.
As you may wish to delve deeper into this subject, the following websites make a
jolly good read.
As I realize this article may have asked more questions than it answers I’m going to
share with you a quote I like from Universal Sovereigns:
“The question when asked within awakens the answer”
Breathe easy everyone.
“The Oxygen Prescription ” by Nathaniel Altman
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