Proliferant Therapy – For the proliferation of new connective tissue and Joint
An injection into damaged tissue (ligaments and tendons) causes it to
inflame and then heal. In the healing process, more strength is added to bony
Ligaments hold joints firmly so they move in the correct alignment
Tendons attach muscles to bones
Tearing of ligaments and tendons off bones causes sloppy joint movement
and pain
Once repaired non-surgically with prolotherapy muscles can then strengthen
around the joint
Once the joint is strong, it remains so unless another accidental injury
prolotherapy increases circulation and nutrients that help tissue repair itself
This collagen-strengthening technique can be used for all joint injuries old or

 ankle sprain
 herniated disc
 carpal tunnel syndrome
 sacro-iliac instability
 achilles tendon tear
 rotator cuff tears
 low back injuries
 heel spurs
 knee injuries
 fibromyalgia
 tennis elbow
Dextrose and lidocaine are used to perform prolotherapy.
The therapeutic effects are often felt immediately following treatment.

Main Indications:
 Aches at night
 Better for treatment but always returns
 First part to hurt upon exertion or exhaustion

Dr. Hackett treated 10,000 cases with over 90% success for chronic pain.
Treatments are three weeks apart
3-4 sessions usually required
Adjunctive therapies include scenar and ozonetherapy
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