Ozone Therapy

A Solution whose Time has Come.

Nine out of ten diseases, including the
common cold and flu, are caused by water

and airborne Bacteria and viruses

Ozone effectively eliminates anaerobic bacteria and reduces virulence in
aerobic ones

Ozone is the most potent antiviral known

“There would be no cancers if there were
no fermentation of normal body cells”

Anything that causes cancer:

Somehow lowers the body’s ability to carry oxygen to the cells

Damages the “respiratory enzyme” transport of the oxygen into the cells

Damages the reactions in the cell using the oxygen to make energy

Generally Accepted Effects of Traditional
Ozone Therapy

Chelates heavy metals , works well in conjunction with EDTA

Cleans arteries and veins and improves circulation

Improves brain function and memory

Inactivates viruses, bacteria ,yeast, fungus and protozoa

Normalizes hormones and enzyme production

Oxidizes toxins , allowing their excretion

Prevents and eliminates auto-immune diseases

Prevents and treats communicable diseases

Prevents and reverses degenerative diseases

Prevents stroke damage

Purifies the blood and lymph

Reduces cardiac arrhythmia

Reduces inflammation

Reduces pain, calms the nerves

Stimulates oxygen metabolism

Stimulates the immune system (amphoteric effect)

Stops bleeding

Otto Warburg stated:

“ Because no cancer exists, the respiration of which is intact, it cannot be
disputed that cancer could be prevented if the respiration of the body’s cells
would be kept intact”

When we are working with cell cultures in the lab, if we want cells to mutate,
we turn down the oxygen. To stop then we turn the oxygen back up

Methods of Administration

Major Autohemotherapy
Subcutaneous Injections

Minor autohemotherapy
Biologically Active Point Injections

Ozonated saline drip
Ozonated water

Intestinal Insufflation
Ozonated Oil

Vaginal Insufflation

Intramuscular injections

Intra-articular Injections

Ketogenic Diet “press” and “pulse”

Ketosis is a normal physiological state

Restricted food intake starves the ability of tumors to grow

Unlike glucose, ketone bodies burn oxidatively, they have to be burned in healthy,
functioning mitochondria which cancer cells don’t have many of.

With the diet in place cancer cells are perched in a precarious state of energetic
and oxidative stress. Now apply “pulses” of stress that will push the cells into

Seyfried and D’Agostino showed that R-KD combined with hyperbaric oxygen had
extremely effective results in mice with highly invasive metastatic cancers.

Review and Conclusions

Ozone therapy reverses the primary cause of all cancers

Mitigates side effects of chemotherapy and radiation

Improves the effectiveness of ALL other therapies

Upregulates mitochondrial function thus increasing the energy available to the cell

Safest of all known medicines

Used now in 42 countries

Your clinic could improve the “standard of care” with ozone therapies

Come join us for a better future – Ozone trained doctors are available

Our Naturopathic approach

Ozone Therapies –Series of 6-8 done 2-3 times a week, repeat 1-3 months

Ketogenic Diet

Colonic Irrigations


Quinton Marine Plasma (Complete replacement of ALL the elements of the
periodic table, ALL trace elements, ALL fatty acids, ALL amino acids,
RNA, DNA, and other nutrients)

Watson’s quote 2009

“We must focus, much, much more on the wide range of metabolic and
oxidative vulnerabilities of cancer cells.”

He was ready to leave the targeted drug model and spend more time
looking at the biochemistry of the cancer cell that Warburg identified more
than 80 years earlier.