The Mastery of Mystery joint pain.

Back and joint pain that won’t resolve with standard treatment approaches may be suitably
resolved with prolotherapy for many people. Unfortunately, most people have never heard
of proliferant therapy but it has been around since the 1960’s and has quite a following
around the world.
Essentially many joint problems evade a clear etiology. Often, however they are the
consequence of forgotten sports injuries. These won’t show up on x-ray.
If you have torn ligaments in your knee, you have three choices , either surgery,
prolotherapy or you try different things but they only help and never heal. Prolotherapy is
relatively non-invasive and unlike surgery won’t cause scarring. It will however regrow
new connective tissue that is up to the task of meeting the exertion required for success in
extreme sporting activities. In short, that knee could now be as strong as it ever was.
You may need booster shots occasionally but the benefits of prolotherapy are very long
term. Many people require no further treatment unless they actually re-injure themselves.
The most commonly treated sites are: Sacro-iliac joints, Rotator cuff and knees however
any sore joint is a potential candidate.
The improvement is often felt immediately with a reduction of pain and associated increase
in range of motion and strength. It takes approximately three weeks for full strength to
return. Generally 1-6 sessions are required for a full recovery.
Gain mastery over back and joint pain. Get your confidence back. Get working gain.
How will you know if prolotherapy is for you? There are three main indicators:
 The joint “aches at night”
 It is always the first place to hurt when you work or work out.
 Treatments help but never heal.
If this sounds like you prolotherapy may offer a complete resolution.
Ligament and tendon tears seldom resolve on their own for the simple reason that they are
continually having “micro-tears” inflicted on them as you work your muscles. With rest they
will heal but never to full strength. Then when you apply muscular tension they will tear
again where they are weak. Prolotherapy creates bulk and strength. The ligaments then
tighten and hold the joint in its correct anatomical position to thus serve you well as you
increase physical activity.

Prolotherapy is “natural” in the sense that dextrose (a complex sugar) is the active
Diagnosis is usually straighforward and obvious as slight pressure over the injury site
induces a “jump” response or the typical “ouch” which doesn’t go away with soft tissue
therapies or manipulation.