Lessons from Russia

I recently returned from the Russian Federation having witnessed the use of
ozone therapy in their hospital system . They use it because it provides an
effective answer to todays health problems at a fraction of the cost. It’s also very
simple and cheap to produce. People like it because it makes them feel good and
gives them energy for life produced from a well functioning metabolism. It’s
very safe with only 0.00007% side effects.
The escalating cascade of serious health challenges is affecting us all and
solutions seem complicated , expensive , time consuming, even scary with no
guarantees of success. The Russian doctor’s enjoy simple, cheap methods of
helping large numbers of people in effective ways and ozone therapy is one of
It’s all based on the fact that oxygen is the key of life and when we get ill our total
body saturation drops below the healthful level. Since oxygen is needed at every
step of every chemical reaction if it is low even good medicines won’t work; the
body can not process the benefits from them and they become yet another toxic
burden. Enter ozone therapy which saturates the body with oxygen and all that
that implies. The most common conditions usually involve pain , fatigue and
infection – This is ozone’s field of action. Pain, in all its forms is indicating
hypoxia (low oxygen). It can be from injury, inflammation, trauma, herniated
discs compressing nerves but the pain itself is from low oxygen. We know this
because injecting or applying ozone reduces or alleviates pain . It’s the same with
infection from viruses or bacterias which yield to ozone in most cases quite
In the Russian Federation it is used routinely to reduce surgical complications
whilst hastening recovery times , all for the benefit of the patient. Hospital
infections become less of a problem. Of course, for viral infections ozone holds
the primary position . All these things ultimately lead to fatigue and chronic
tiredness with poor sleep which is what ultimately brings people for this
therapy. By increasing the size and efficiency of the mitochondria more clean
burning fuel is supplied and a sense of well being follows.
As you might imagine the use of ozone is burgeoning around the world and
hundreds of doctors are training in it each year, now in 41 countries including
New Zealand. It’s been used in medicine for 102 years with dozens of research
articles printed every month and national health care systems have adopted it in
several countries already, with interest growing world wide.
It’s worth a look if more help is needed for your wellbeing. The effects are
durable , deep and long lasting and are quickly felt. A lot of people ask “If it’s so
good how come we’ve never heard of it?” Well, now you have!